Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa

 Last week Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for Thanksgiving.

 I got help out in the kitchen.
 "Can I paint the turkey Mama?"
 I also helped Grandma peel the eggs
 and make them into deviled eggs.
 Poor Teah got sick with Croup. (Worst sickness yet.)
 Luckily I was there to help. 
 Oh, and Grandma. She ended up doing most of the cooking cuz Mama was tending to Teah. (Don't worry, whoever was taking the picture was also watching Charlie or we may have had Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey!)
 Grandpa, there's no time for sleeping!
 Check out the bird.
 Poor little punky.
 Grandpa fed us well every morning.
 And Grandma played lots of puzzles and games.
 Here we all are playing my favorite: Candy Land!
 Ta da!
 Teah did manage to get out and go to the park one day.
 Who can ever resist the swings?
 Not us.

 To wrap up the week, we built our very own Gingerbread houses.
 I helped Grandma decorate our own house.

Bet you can't guess which one was mine?

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