Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Cute Pics

Tessa's little friend Addison came to stay with us for a few days while Mimi was here. Hard to believe by looking that they're about the same age. What a cute lil peanut.

Yoga anyone?

 This is T's new favorite stance. She thinks it is so funny to look at things from between her legs.
So, still not officially walking (we all walk late around here) but T loves to stand by herself and will walk as long as she's got atleast one hand on something. Strike a pose.

Another Mimi visit

Last week Mimi came to visit us. A visit from Mimi always includes brand new jammies...

 and lots of giggles...

 (We have a thing for glasses lately)

and even date night for Mommy and Daddy. We love you Mimi.

We heart pizza

Valentine's Day = 2 heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy's. Hope your Valentine's Day was just as yummy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I actually asked Mommy to take this picture. I love my little sis.

On a side note...Have you noticed Charlie (our lab) is somewhere in what seems to be just about every picture? Not sure he knows what to do with himself when we aren't home. :)

Here's a picture I took of little T. Quite the photographer I'd say.

Doctor Tessa

"Teah, this won't hurt a bit. Let me just put a bandaid on your hand. "

Like big sister, like little sister

It was bound to happen. Teah has started liking one of Tessa's favorites: The Wiggles. Just when Mommy thought we were about done with them. Sigh.


Mommy looks over and sees this. I finished every last drop.
(Please disreguard the fact that I look huge in this chair.)


Still not quite walking yet but it definitely doesn't stop her from getting around. Teah loves climbing on just about everything.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Trouble with a capital T

 Anything that Teah can possibly climb...she will.
I see some chunky legs and I have a feeling they are getting into mishief!


Sorting crayons into bags...

 If you look closely you can see my plastic hammer that I used to help Mommy crunch the crayons into little pieces.

 Ready to go into the oven...
                                                             Ta da.....heart shaped crayons!
Happy Valentine's Day for "crayon" out loud!