Saturday, August 29, 2009

Up to No Good

Mom turns her head for a minute and what does she find?

Just checking in on the fish. Don't worry about me!

Mmmmmmm...French Fries!

One of my newest favorites: anything I can dip. I like to dip it as far into the sauce as I can. lick it off, and dip again. Mom says it is pretty hard to watch.
Here I am eating french fries with Daddy dipped in Ranch.

Too bad I really don't eat much, if any, of the fries. Sure love that ranch though!

More Preschool

So Mom has been trying to get me to sing My Ms. Bobbi song so that she could post it on the blog. However, I have decided I'm over it I guess. Basically it is very similar to every other song I create. (I like to pick a word and repeat it over and over again to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle). Maybe Mom will get one of them on camera one of these days. As for Preschool: I am loving it! I like to carry my own backpack and march my way inside like a big girl. I don't cry a tear when Mom leaves and am excited when she gets back. Mom says that has made it so much easier on her too.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of Preschool

As you may notice, I was in a mood this morning. Mom said it just made it easier to drop me off at my first day of preschool.
This is me saying "No!" everytime mom got out the camera.

What can I say, I was in a hurry.
Preschool update: My first day went really well. I didn't even cry when Mom left. My teacher, Ms. Bobbi was really nice. Infact, so nice I created a song just about her. (Mom will try and get it on camera for everyone to hear.) I think I'll be ready to go back on Wednesday. We'll see.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun at the Park

Using my new expression: "Yee-haw!"
Got the Whole World in my Hands

Gotta love sand.

Slow and steady.

I made it!

Tessa and Tate

Tate got to come over the other night while his parents went out. We had a blast! Here we are watching Dora while waiting for our pizza to come.
I showed him my playhouse.

And then we ran around the yard with Dad. Mom says it doesn't take much to entertain (almost) 2 year olds. Whatever...we sure had fun!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Mommy and Daddy and I went downtown yesterday. I got to ride the Light Rail for the first time. "Wheeeeeee!!!!"

Winter in August?

If Mom leaves the coat closet open, she has to expect I'm going to find something fun to do inside!
This glove will work nicely.