Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Tradition

Our holiday tradition: going downtown, staying in a hotel, and seeing the Parade of Lights!

This year it happened to be so cold that we watched it from the hotel. Still a blast!

Tooth # 2

Guess who lost her second tooth (and has a third one loose)???

Teah's 4th Birthday Party

 Teah's birthday party was this past weekend! Guess what the theme was???

 She loves art so we decided to have the party at Michael's Craft Store.

We made it into a Santa's Workshop!

They could make pine cone Christmas trees

button wreaths,

Snowmen (not pictured),

and a gift wrap station!

And boy were these little elves busy!

And T had a blast.

Happy (almost) birthday sweet girl.

Can't even believe you are almost four! (It doesn't seem possible.)

We love you my little sweet T. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Holidays

We went downtown for the annual Parade of Lights this weekend. So so cold that we decided to watch it from our hotel room though! What a fun way to bring in the holidays.

Let's Party

Over the weekend we got to go to a birthday party at the same place we take gymnastics! So fun to have free rein of the gym!

Happy birthday Paige! So glad we could celebrate with you!

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