Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Go Pythons!!

Tessa had her first baseball game last weekend.

Can you tell where she is? Hint she's the one with the pink glove. :)

Little lefty up to bat.

She hit it!

And Mason got to run home. (Notice the attention the other team is giving. :)

Up to bat again and another hit!

Gotta work on our hustle. :)

She really enjoyed it though. In her words, "Games are much more funner than practices." Love that girl.

We Love the Zoo

It doesn't get much better than the zoo with friends. :)

Just a Swingin'

Daddy finally got the swing set up and someone is LOVING it!

Little Gardners

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ready to start her first baseball practice.

Listening to the coach.

Coach Jim going over some rules. 

Time to warm up 

and run the bases. 

Listening very intently.

Working on ground balls (or the "alligator chomp") with Daddy.

Ready to play some ball.

Wonder why that one didn't go in?

Oh yah. Watch the ball. Right. :)

Tess next to the only other girl on the team, Jadine. And she's a lefty too!

Still working on this one.

Time to try out the shirts and hats. 

Now to keep the wind from blowing off her hat!

If pictures played music, you'd hear the Chariots of Fire theme on this one. :)

First practice was a success. Tessa was so excited and kept saying how much she loved baseball! :) That's the best.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teah Plays Soccer

SO T just started soccer for the first time, and just like with Tessa, Daddy is the coach!

So excited!

Time to stretch.

And now we're ready to play!

Kicking the ball takes lots of concentration.

Learning to throw the ball in.

Yay soccer!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Graduation #2--Tessa's moving on.

Little Ladybugs

Think Tessa's getting tall?? 

This was officially Tessa's last graduation for Ms. Bobbi. Bittersweet. She's so ready for Kindergarten but Ms. Bobbi has played such an important role these last three years.

Good thing is that Teah will have her own school next year without big sis. A little separation can be good. :)

When asked what Teah wanted to be when she grows up, she responded, "A princess." Shocker. :)

Tessa said "A doctor". For the 3rd year in a row. Maybe there's something to that one. :)

Proud moment. And yes , Mom was crying like a baby. 

Growing up.

 And this one's not too far behind.

Singing with buddy Paigie.

Taking a bow.

Time for treats.

We love Ms. Bobbi.

And Ms. Christine.