Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ready to start her first baseball practice.

Listening to the coach.

Coach Jim going over some rules. 

Time to warm up 

and run the bases. 

Listening very intently.

Working on ground balls (or the "alligator chomp") with Daddy.

Ready to play some ball.

Wonder why that one didn't go in?

Oh yah. Watch the ball. Right. :)

Tess next to the only other girl on the team, Jadine. And she's a lefty too!

Still working on this one.

Time to try out the shirts and hats. 

Now to keep the wind from blowing off her hat!

If pictures played music, you'd hear the Chariots of Fire theme on this one. :)

First practice was a success. Tessa was so excited and kept saying how much she loved baseball! :) That's the best.

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