Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Indiana Pics as Promised

This is me saying "Cheese!" (Literally)
Anyone who knows me knows once I find something I like, I must do atleast 50-60 times. This picture was probably taken after about 25 trips up the ramp.

I love fountains!

Taking Baby for a stroller ride

Pop Pop decided to take a rest on MY step

Fun with Addy

Playing a little music with my cousin Addy

Sharing a bite to eat

Building a farm

Oh yes...the fountain was a big hit.

Mesker Park Zoo

Gotta go go go!

As you can tell by my expression, I don't like to be stopped. Did you see the picture above?

Posing with the girls

Up the bridge....down the bridge....

Sure had fun with Mimi and Pop Pop!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Parker Fair

We went to a fair in downtown Parker this weekend. So fun!
Here I am in a giant bouncy!

Bounce! Bounce!

I also got to ride a pony named Tonto!

Giddy up!

Trip to Indiana

Last week Mom and I went to Indiana to visit Mimi and Pop Pop. Mimi took all the pictures on her camera so we don't have any to show just yet. She's sending them to us though so we'll make sure we upload them as soon as we can!