Monday, June 16, 2014

Tessa's Kindergarten Field Day and End of the Year Picnic

Yet another end of the year celebration and tradition: Field Day. Think I'll let the pictures do the talking here. :)

If the pictures didn't do enough talking, let's just say fun was had by all. :)

A Lovely Day for the Zoo

I got the chance to chaperone Tessa's end of the year Kindergarten field trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. 

Can we just say the kids had a blast?

Good buddies. :)

Feeding giraffes.

A little selfie with my girl.

Most (not all) of the Fazio Frogs.

My big Kindergartner 1st grader! {Sniff}

Mimi and Pop Pop Come to Town

Mimi and Pop Pop got to come and visit over Memorial Day weekend. As usual, lots of fun (and new matching dresses. :)

Some Farmers Market fun--complete with snow cones.

Staking out a place to picnic.

Guess when you're married 40+ years you start dressing alike. :)

T's so excited she learned how to slide down the pole by herself!

She's on top of the world!!

Daddy and his girls.

Mama and T.

Fun times. Fun memories.

Ice Skating

Tess started taking ice skating lessons a little over a month ago. After a few lessons she told me (Mom) "Mom, ice skating is kind of cold but it sure is refreshing!"

So far she's liking it and are hoping she'd like to continue. :)