Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy Halloween!

A little pre --get-your-wiggles-out-before-we-devour-tons-of-candy-time.

Nothing like carving pumpkins the day of Halloween. Better late than never I guess.

Trick or treating time.

Our Halloween gang!

The best part: dumping, trading, and eating candy!!

Tessa's 8th Birthday (Slumber) Party

Happy birthday to our not-so-little girl!

Yippee!! An American Girl Doll!

Check out my cool vest! Thanks Grandma!

Red Robin time!

And now it's party time!

Time for making pizzas,

eating pizzas,

and cake,

painting pillow cases,

fashion shows,

dance offs, 

movies to fall asleep to,

and you can't forget made to order pancakes!

I think we can safely say it was a success!!

Our Visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth

So much fun and so many pics that I'm not going to caption them or put them in order. We spent 6 days in 4 different parks at Disney World. Definitely a trip to hold in our memories 
and hopefully the kiddos' as well.