Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tessa Funnies

Tess has become quite the character these days--especially in her writing.

Luckily the tooth fairy found this note so she knew to write one back.

Tess calls these her "guards". She would put them outside of her bedroom at night before bedtime. Whatever works, right?

Journal entries from school that gave us a chuckle.

The Many Faces of Teah

This creative girl turned herself into some Disney princesses with some hats and scarves (and dress up dresses).

Can you guess who?

Caught her sound asleep in her bed. I'm thinking she's pretty relaxed. 

If I could guess what this little girl's most favorite thing is, I'd have to say stuffed buddies. She's always putting them to bed, buckling them up, and making sure they're safe and comfy. Love her big heart.

Happy Heart Day

Even Miles joined in for the festivities.

The girls got their first bouquets from the best man they know. :)

Can't celebrate Valentines Day without a heart shaped pizza!