Monday, June 27, 2011


 So Uncle Tom came to visit us last weekend. We had a blast. 

 We've also been running through sprinklers,
 Helping Mommy plant flowers,
 And making our own bubbles

 for our own bubble station.

 Gotta love summer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sad news

So hear it is: Teah's dog bite wound. For those that don't know, she got into Charilie's food bowl as he was eating and he snapped at her. She went to emergency and got five stitches on her cheek and two on her chin.  Fortunately I think it was more traumatic for Mommy and Daddy. Teah was such a trooper and hardly even cried.

She gets her stitches out tomorrow--Thursday so we'll keep you posted. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Road Trip

 Some of you may be wondering where we have been. Well....a very long road trip to Texas! That's where! Uncle Craig amd Aunt Beka got married so we decided to road trip it all the way to Bastrop Texas. This first pic is the first of many stops---you stretch our legs.

 Oh, and we got special treats on our stops too!
 Hey, how'd that picture get in there?
 Some of us managed to catch  a little shut eye.
Some of us...not so much.

 Here was our first hotel stop in Amarillo Texas.  Did we ever think staying in a hotel was cool. Especially that it had a pool.
 Who cares if the water was freezing. (Too bad the pool couldn't be outside...considering it was 108 degrees most days.)
 Our next stop was Austin. We got to stay downtown and walk to the Children's museum.
 Rolling balls.
 Playing with cows,

 And jammin' with Daddy.
 Bet you didn't know our family was in a band did ya?
 What a fun day! Time to walk back to the hotel. We like to play follow the leader.
 Last stop, Bastrop! And guess what...another pool!!

Nice farmer's tan Daddy. 
 We also met up with Mimi and Pop Pop there and Mimi even went swimming with us!
Finally....the wedding! Oh I forgot to mention I was the flower girl and got to wear a fancy tutu!

 Waiting for things to get started.
 Teah was so excited when she spotted Hairy the cat!

Unfortunately this was where our camera battery died. (Yes, right before the ceremony). We're hoping Mimi had better luck and can get a hold of some of her pics. If so, we'll try and put some on the blog when we get them. Got to at least have a pic of the happy couple!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another year down

Tessa's second year of preschool has come and gone. Wow how time flies. Here are some pics from this year's graduation.

Can you guess who this is? Yep Teah had to join in the fun. looks like the wind caught her dress. Good thing we're not shy.

 "Hey wait up!"
Enjoying a little juice.

Sisterly love.

This is actually how it went down. Pictures don't lie.

Waiting for the ceremony.

Ready to walk.

Thow whole gang...take 1

 take 2
and 3

so funny how you can never get everyone looking the same way.

Me and my best buddy Kyle.