Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to Candy Land!

 I am going to attempt to show you what went down at the Waterman household this past weekend. We tried to get pictures before the party but they are limited. There never ever seems to be enough time to get everything done! Anyway, here you can get a  glimpse of the "Rainbow Trail" that started at the front door and went throughout the house. 

But first, we'll back up to the before pics I do have. Here were the lollipop invitations. It read" Gumdrops, Lollipops, and Candy galore. It's a Candy Land adventure with Lots of fun in store"
Here is the birthday girl herself helping "ice" some of the cupcakes. (We also made some in ice cream cones but they aren't pictured.
Before each location there was a sign explaining where we were and what to do. Here is the Lollipop Woods.
Here was the actual "Lollipop Woods".
Gumdrop Mountain was up the stairs. Not a very good picture but you can kind of see the large gumdrops on the sides of the stairs. There were also balloons hanging down. 
Peppermint Forest...once again there were peppermint swirlies hanging from the ceiling that you don't see. Hmmmm...who was my camer man anyway? 
 Next was Gramma Nutt's at Peanut Acres located on the back deck. 
And of course she had to serve lunch, complete with: Peanut shaped PBJs ,Rainbow fish, Gumdrop grapes, Peppermint cheese stick, Chocolate Swamp pudding, and Jolly Juice.
Snowflake Lake (Don't have a before picture)
Licorice Forest

 So the party began at the Gingerbread Tree where the kiddos each got a bag to decorate like a Gingerbread house.
We had the Candy Land movie playing while they worked.
 Here are more pics of them decorating their bags.

 The kids each got a disguise (from Lord Licorice) and a notebook that they would use to tell them where to go on the Rainbow Trail.
 Bet you can't figure out who this is...she's disguised. 
 Heading back inside.
 Waiting for the game to begin.
 The kids were divided into two teams. Team Gingerbread and Team Peppermint. They had to use their notebooks to tell them were to go.
 Our team was off to Lollipop Woods where Lord Licorice had hidden all of the lollipops. The kids had to find three for their bags before they could move on.
 Next we headed to Gumdrop Mountain where the kids had to drop gum (get it.............gum DROP?) into buckets below.
Next, Peppermint Forest. The kids had to make their own peppermint flutes just like Mr. Mint.
Then to Licorice Forest. Remember those black trees? They had pieces of licorice for the kids to take. But they had to do it very quietly or Lord Licorice may hear.

Next we headed to Gramma Nutt's for lunch (sorry no pics) and then to Snowflake Lake to decorate "ice cream" cupcakes.
(Here's a little view of the Snowflake Lake.)

And then downstairs to the Chocolate swamp (again no pic). This was a frog shaped sandbox filled with beans. The kids had to dig until they found a "life saver" to move on.

 Finally on to the Candy Castle ( a castle pinata)
 Filled with bags of candy to make necklaces/bracelets with their licorice the got earlier.
 Then we headed back upstairs for cupcakes and gifts.

Such a fun party. I enjoyed creating every minute and hope that it creates memories to last a lifetime. Happy (almost) birthday sweet girl. Love, Mommy

And that's a wrap folks.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We love fall.

 It's looking more and more like Fall around here (especially after the crazy couple inches of snow we got last weekend.) So we had to get out and enjoy it.
 After the park, we went on a little nature walk.
 To collect all kinds of leaves and such.

 "Mommy take a picture of me with this rock that looks like a heart."
 Back to the park for a little more swinging.
 Check  out our collection.
 Ready to start our craft...or play pirates...that's fun too.
 Time to make a collage. These will look so good In Daddy's office window.
Another fun project. Mommy loves that we love doing crafts. :)

It's beginning to look a lot like....

 It's starting to look a little more like Halloween around here. Especially after we made this guy.
Not the best pic I know but we needed a full body shot of our skeleton. We used Tessa's hands and Teah's feet.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


 Our friends Kyle and Paigie came over for a play date today. We all got to make a giant pizza!
Of course we had to test out the ingredients before putting it into the oven. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tis the season for pumpkins!

 A pumpkin farm wouldn't be any fun without....BOUNCY HOUSES!!!

 Time for the hay maze.
 "Hi Mom!"
 Done with the hay...on to the corn.
 Much better view up here.
 Got me some corn. Would have tried to eat it too if Mommy didn't tell me no.
 Waiting for the hay ride.
 Time to find the perfect pumpkin.
" Oooh this one looks good!"
 "Cut it daddy! Cut it!"
Pondering my pumpkin choice. "Yah, that one's good."