Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping at our Friends' The Lileys

 Time for a little 4 wheeler ride.

Now Mom and Dad's turn!

Scavenger hunt time! Drew found Sophia the FIrst!

Where is everything?

Over here Tessa!!

T found some french fries!

Just before she ate it down the hill. :(

Here I come!

Time to ride Moxie>

Even the dogs had fun!

Here was our bedroom for the night!

Nothing like zip lining in your jammies.

Or riding your bike!

Get it Miles!

Loving life.

Charlie too.

T's turn!

And some rope swinging.

Whew! What a fun weekend! Time for a little break!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mimi and Pop Pop Visit, Celebrations, and Fourth of July

 First we celebrated Pop Pop's birthday and retirement
with some pottery we made

 and dinner at the Melting Pot (again).:)

 Then we headed downtown for the day

 and to the Rockie's game that night.

 Having so much fun....
 she fell asleep.

 Until it was almost time for fireworks.
 This was just a few sections being escorted to the field. It took at least an hour.

 But it was worth it.

 The best firework show we've ever seen.

 Happy Independence Day!