Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rainbow Pudding Pops

Stirring the pudding.Scooping them into the cups.
Here's a closeup.

Testing out the recipe.

Ready to go in the freezer.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Swim Time=Fun Time!

Even Teah got to join in on the action. So relaxing.

As for me, I'm getting braver and braver every day. Can't you tell?

War Paint?

Who knew that water color painting could be so messy? Even got it in my hair!

Self Portrait

Okay, Mommy I'm ready. Trace me!

Now time to color.

And to glue on eyes and curly blonde hair.

A few buttons and that should do it! My own life-sized self portrait!

They grew!!!

Remember those sunflowers that started in little tiny pots? Check em out now! And our pumpkins and watermelons aren't doing too bad either.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Deja vu

Mommy put this outfit on Teah and had a bit of deja vu. Here it is on Teah.

And here it was on me when I was about the same age.

Tiny Town

This past weekend we went to a place called Tiny Town. That's exactly what it was.

We got to ride the train too!

These are the original houses from 1939 up in the foothills.

Taking a little break.

A few of them were big enough for me to get inside.

Random dinnertime pics

Daddy brought home a very large book that he needed for work. Somehow I managed to pull it over to read before dinner.

What can I say, it was VERY interesting!

Time to get everything set up just right so that I can get ready to eat. (Don't you just love how Teah studies my every move?)

It's like having a full time audience! Just what I love!


Check me out! I'm sitting!

Rainy Day Fun

We had a random cool and rainy day last week so we had to come up with some things to do. What better than an indoor tent?

This one worked much better though. Perfect place to read and eat yummy snacks!

Later we made stained glass (tissue paper and contact paper)

Look at my pretty rainbow!


Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Got all my supplies and ready to go on a hunt for treasures in the backyard!

Binoculars-- (aka: toilet paper rolls) check.

Let's see what we can find over here. (Don't you just love how Miles is posing for the camer?)

I think I spotted something!

Look at everyting we found!