Thursday, July 8, 2010

Potty Party

Over the weekend we decided it was time for me to give up diapers. Mommy wanted to wait summer so there were less clothes to deal with and I would not be in preschool. So last weekend Daddy took Teah for the day to work on taking a bottle without Mommy being around and Mommy, Patty (the doll) and me spent the day at home. The first step was to change Patty out of diapers into big girl undies and then I got to do the same.

Then I got to feed Patty water from a bottle and teach her how to go on the potty. When she did we threw a big party. Yeah Patty!

After a couple of accidents, I finally went on my own on the potty and I got a party of my own with ice cream! Woo hoo!!

Update: It has been about 5 days now and I have only had a couple of accidents (1 being at night in my bed). Mommy has even found me on the potty going without even having to tell her. What can I say...I'm growing up!
Update #2: Daddy was finally able to get Teah to take 1 bottle at the end of the day--none since though. She is about as stubborn as I was/am. She likes to drink from a sippy cup so we may just have to skip bottles altogether.

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