Monday, June 2, 2014

Graduation and Last Day of Ms. Bobbi's

Last week was T's graduation. She has been with Ms. Bobbi for 2 years and will be moving on to another preschool with her friend Paige next fall.

Wishing she could wear Momma's shoes to the big event. :)

Getting shy being center of attention.

Starting to come out of her shell a bit to sing.

A great bunch of friends.


Best buddy Paige

All the moms.

We'll miss Ms. Nancy.

And of course Ms. Bobbi.

Even Tess wanted to go see her sister graduate. :)

Just the girls.

Crazy Daddy.

Oh and of course you can't forget a little celebratory ice cream!

Great job Teah! One more year until Kindergarten!

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