Thursday, June 6, 2013

Graduation #2--Tessa's moving on.

Little Ladybugs

Think Tessa's getting tall?? 

This was officially Tessa's last graduation for Ms. Bobbi. Bittersweet. She's so ready for Kindergarten but Ms. Bobbi has played such an important role these last three years.

Good thing is that Teah will have her own school next year without big sis. A little separation can be good. :)

When asked what Teah wanted to be when she grows up, she responded, "A princess." Shocker. :)

Tessa said "A doctor". For the 3rd year in a row. Maybe there's something to that one. :)

Proud moment. And yes , Mom was crying like a baby. 

Growing up.

 And this one's not too far behind.

Singing with buddy Paigie.

Taking a bow.

Time for treats.

We love Ms. Bobbi.

And Ms. Christine.

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