Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Love Vacations

 About 2 weeks ago Mommy, Teah, and I flew to Indiana to stay with Mimi and Pop Pop. Mommy only stayed a couple days and then went on a trip with Daddy and his family. It was our first time away from Mommy for more than a night. We had a blast. As you can see from this picture, Mimi has lots of dress-up clothes. I like the Snow White dress the best.
 Here we are at Uncle Craig and Aunt Beka's house playing with cousin Addy.
 Mommy and Uncle Craig. (Not sure how happy he'll be that this picture is being posted. :)
 We had so much fun that we didn't even realize Mommy and Daddy were gone. 
 We played at parks,
 ate popcorn,
 played with the kitties,
 spent lots of time with Aunt Beka and Addy,

 (more kitty time)
 teased Pop Pop,
 and let him tease us :)

 Did our hair with Mimi,
 watched movies,
 played puzzles,
 fed ducks,

and even carved pumpkins.

OKay, okay....maybe we missed Mommy a little. :)

Now let's see how Mommy and Daddy's trip to Vegas went...
They got to see The Lion King (which Mommy says was awesome),
 walked around and enjoyed the sites,
 visited the Hoover Dam,
 Silly Daddy
 They went on a helicopter ride over the Vegas strip at night
 Pretty cool...huh?
 Hung out with Uncle Brad (the birthday boy)
 As well as the rest of the Waterman crew

 Enjoyed yummy food
and great people.

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