Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bowling Fun

Earlier in the month, the kids won a free night of bowling and pizza at the neighborhood school's fall festival. So the four of us decided to put it to good use last weekend. 

Picking out the perfect ball.

Tess giving it a roll. (Although she decided she was too big for the stand and stopped using it later in the game.)

Happy with her shot.  

T's turn!

All but one pin. or, as she says, "Aw, man!"

Daddy's turn. Remember to stay behind the line. (Yes Mommy bowled too but she was also the one stuck behind the camera. Shocker. :)

Time to redeem myself!

Wish this one was in video. She was dancing to Thriller. :)

Resting up for the next shot. 

Gotta love family nights. :)

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