Sunday, June 3, 2012

Road Trip

Wondering where we've been the last week? You guess it...on a road trip. We went to visit Mimi and Pop Pop in Indiana. Two full days of driving both ways resulting in a lot of this:

 and this:
 and of course we had to have the "ipop" (Teah's pronunciation)
 Thank goodness for rest stops with playgrounds (somebody's a genius)
 and fun little dollar store goodies like glow sticks

 as well as hotel pools.

 We finally made it.
 And boy did we have fun. Two little girls don't need much....
 a hula hoop

  a whole lotta nature,


 follow the leader,
 girl time,
 the occasional nap,

 having a blast with our cousin Addy,




 Firefly hunts,

 fun at the Children's Museum,

and a visit to the Cracker Barrel...all to make memories to last a lifetime.

  Mommy's two favorite pictures of the trip taken by no other than the girls themselves. Maybe she should get a few pointers.
Love those glasses sweet girl.

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