Monday, December 19, 2011

Snowman Party

 So Teah's 2nd birthday was yesterday (the 18th). What better way to start the day than a room full of balloons. (FYI: the safari hats are from a birthday party from the day before. I told you---birthday season.)

 Big sis looking cute in her hat.

 Here is the excited birthday girl.
 Love playing with balloons.

T's first gift from Mommy and Daddy. I loved it too.
Can you tell?

 Opening Grandma's gift.
 What a great day!
 And here was the other gift from Mommy and Daddy. Gotta find a way to get that energy out!

Waiting for our friends and the party to begin. (Yes T is still in Jammies. Can't get dressed too soon or our party outfit will be a complete mess.)
 The house looks ready for the snowman party.

 Here's the little birthday snowman!
 Making a melted snowman craft.

 Cake time!

 And now...more gifts. Mommy let people know T was into babies and they listened. We have so many babies we can't decide which one to play with. I have a feeling Santa may be bringing a baby or two as well. Good thing we love 'em!

Happy birthday little T! We love you to pieces!

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