Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lots of happenings

So, for all of you wondering, we are now under contract again and ard scheduled to close May 16th. Luckily Mommy, T, and I had a trip to Indiana to help keep us occupied for a week. Uncle Craig and Beka are getting married in June and we went to help with the bridal shower....and other things. Thank goodness for Mimi or once again, we'd have no pictures.

 Here I am with Aunt Vicki and my best pal and cousin Addy.
 Had to get a picture of Uncle Craig in there somewhere.
 So, pretty much the entire time we were there, it poured down rain. That didn't stop us from having fun though. That is just another thing the mall is good for. :)

 Of course we had to dye Easter eggs
 and get goodies from the Easter Bunny.
 That bunny sure knows how to pak a bucket.
 We got to play dress up.

and play with Pop Pop

and of course have lots of girl time.

And then when we ran out of things to do....we decided to play in the rain.

So exciting for girls from Colorado. We rarely get a rainy day.

Another great trip. Love you.

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