Friday, April 8, 2011


Okay, so the last couple of weeks, espeically this last one have been extremely hectic. Hence the picture (sorry Nadine). Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and I'm very sad to say that this is the only picture Mommy got. Great huh? Let me explain a bit. We put our house on the market and got a contract in 1 day and the people wanted to close by April 28th. That meant we needed to find a house fast or we would soon be homeless (not really). So we now have a contract on a house as well and are to move in on April 29th if all goes well. Whew! Now can you understand why things have been a littlte crazy and there has been very little happening on this blog? We will try and be better about updating once our lives get a little more normal around here.

On a lighter note....we still know how to have fun around here. So here are a few pics to show just that. Looks like we have another dipper in the family.

 Mommy's superstars.

Heading out to do some early morning shoveling.

Oh...and one more thing....Teah's walking!!!! Well, walking and falling but close enough. Mommy will try and get some footage soon!

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