Saturday, January 1, 2011


So this was the first year I really seemed to get excited for Christmas and especially Santa. Mommy and Daddy wish they had a picture of my face when I first saw the tree. I was pretty excited. Although I was a little sad that I didn't get to give Santa a hug. I kind of thought I'd wake up and find him sitting on the couch or something. Oh well, the fact that he ate my cookies made up for that.
Here I am finding a comfy seat (another present from Mr. Claus) to unwrap another present.

 Here's how Teah opened her presents.
 Me and my new Horsey. Giddy up!
 Teah and her new cow. I know her eyes are closed but it's still a cute pic. Don't you think?
 Always the big helper. I had to help Teah open her stocking. T's already trying out her new sippy cup.
Here's Daddy putting together some toys. And we are right there to help!

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