Monday, January 3, 2011

Children's Museum

Last week we got to go to the Children's Museum with Joe and Jack. Here I am climbing the big tree.

Here's Teah deciding whether or not to go through the tunnel.

Guess she decided to give it a try.

Love the tree house.

Here's baby T with Jack. Yes..another shot with her eyes closed. We have had a lot of those lately.

I caught a big one Mommy!

Here's Teah practicing her standing skills. Not quite sturdy enough to do it on her own (at least not for more than a second or two) but she's getting stronger everyday!

Guess who this is/was? YES! It was me when I was about Teah's age in the very same spot of the Children's Museum. Mommy said she had a total flashback when she took Teah's picture. Crazy how fast time flies. (Sigh)

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