Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday (Month) to Me

So my birthday is coming up. Mom and Dad can't believe I'm going to be 2! Check out my birthday party here in Colorado with all my bestest buddies!
Here's some of the gang eating my!

Not so sure about everyone singing to me.

Mom helping me blow out my candle. As you can see I was going to try another method.

Yummy candle!

And the cupcake wasn't so bad either.

Maybe I could use a little help.

All I really wanted was the icing on top. (Doesn't everybody?)

Present time!

Complete with dress up (love my magic wand)...

stuffed buddies and babies....

and all kinds of other goodies! Thanks everybody for making my birthday so special!

Another birthday down (well, almost). Can't wait til' next year!

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