Saturday, July 4, 2009

Terrible Twos?

Needing a little explanation???

So lately, Mom has been thinking (more like hoping) I have been going through a stubborn phase. I like to test EVERYTHING. This is especially bad with Mom. I think it is so funny when she tells me no, to do that exact thing again and again...with a huge smile on my face. Mom is hoping this is me going through my terrible twos early because she's not sure she can take much worse. The pictures above show one example. Anytime Mom tries to change my diaper I take off running...naked. This always seems to happen when we are trying to get out the door which seems to make Mom that much more frustrated. The more frustrated the better! I just run and laugh. This particular time Mom decided to take some pictures. She said something about blackmail later when I'm older...whatever that means. I still had a great time doing it!
PS--- If anyone has some words of encouragment for Mom, she could really use them. Although I am very cute, I think I may be wearing her out a little!


Cade and Cora said...

Sorry but we're days away from 3 and Cora doesn't do ONE STINKIN THING THAT I SAY!!!!!

megan and davis said...

Hmm...I'm with Mandy. Mine isn't quite two yet, but we certainly seem to have those days about every day. No words of advice, but at least misery enjoys company, right???

Totally Tessa said...

She is definitely helping me develop my patience! You'd think being a teacher would have already done that but I wasn't prepared for this! Don't get me wrong, she has good days too though!