Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dance Class

 So we started dance class for the summer. This was Teah's very first experience and she loved it. Walked right in like she'd been doing it all her life. Excuse the pictures. I was having to take them through a tinted glass window.

 Doesn't get much cuter than two year olds in tutus. 

 Tessa's turn. She has only had one other experience with dance and was a little nervous but she loved it once she was there. *Note she doesn't have any ballet slippers....they were on order because they didn't have her size. :(

 Probably her favorite part: being Ms. Amy's partner.
 Now time for tap. *Another note...again no shoes. This time they had her size but we were having a meltdown about how they fit. After seeing all the other girls in theirs I'm sure she will be more than willing to give them another try next week. :)
Overall, still a success.

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