Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Special Visitors

 So Mimi and Pop Pop came to visit us at the new house. We had lots of fun as usual. Thanks again to Mimi for taking most of the pictures. Maybe if someone would get Mommy a really nice camera for Christmas, she would be much better at taking pictures and posting them on the blog. *Wink.* (It's worth a shot anyway).
 Posing in our new jammies.

 making rice krispy treats...
 Playing legos with Pop Pop...
 Just waking up with Mimi. (This picture also reminds me that I haven't shown many (any) pics of the new house. Working on it...I promise!)

 We took our usual trip to the Children's Museum and I got to show Pop Pop my favorite: the bubble room.

waiting for that bubble to drop.

 Stopping to smell the flowers.
 and play with trains...
 and do a little grocery shopping.

 Can't forget to do a little fishing.


 Silly Pop Pop
 You don't scare me.
 Fire engine time...

 Taking a little break before it's time to leave.

 ANd of favorite part: my new bike! Thanks Mimi and Pop Pop!

Once again, a great visit! Thanks guys for everything!

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