Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Geography Lesson

Let me set the scene:

Mommy, Teah, and I were driving in the car having a little conversation about family and why they can't just come over anytime we want them to.

 Me (Tessa):  "Mommy, can we have Mimi and Pop Pop come over?"

Mommy:        "Honey, Mimi and Pop Pop live in Indiana, which is really far away. Remember when   
                       we went to visit them on an airplane?"

Me:                "How about Grandma and Grandpa?"

Mommy:         "They live in Oregon, which is also really far. Where do we live?"

Me:                  "Corado" (Colorado)

Mommy:           "That's right. You, me, Teah, and Daddy all live in Colorado."

Me:                  (Very matter of factly)  "No, not Daddy. Daddy's at work."

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