Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

 Almost two weeks ago we celebrated my 3rd birthday. We started the party off by going to see a Children's Theater Performance of Alice in Wonderland in downtown Parker. The coolest/scariest part was when the cast called me up on stage and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  Here I am posing with the star of the show, Alice herself.
 After the play, we came back to my house for a Madhatter's Tea Party. Check out the food spread.

 There were Caterpillar Kabobs
                                                                  and White Rabbit Rolls
                                                                  Nonsensical Salad
                          And Bread and Butterflies (Butterfly shaped PBJs and Turkey Sandwiches)
                                                                  We played games

 Teah was originally dressed as the White Rabbit but that didn't last long (we'll get some pics of that after Halloween). Notice the shirt.....Daddy dressed her and accidentally put it on backwards. Oops.
                                                               Time for the tea party.
 And cupcakes....that were originally supposed to look like tea cups. Didn't quite happen though.

                                                         Time to blow out the candles.

There were crafts
 And presents
 And the best part...good friends.
Happy Birthday to me!!

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Garola Gang said...

SUPER CUTE party and idea! Come up with one for Cade in a few weeks, my creativity ran out two years ago! LOVED all of it!