Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Big Sis

So far I have handled the job of big sister extremely well. I love Teah so much and always want to be around her. Sometimes Mom thinks it is almost a little obsessive but I guess that is better than not being interested at all. I am still working on the concept of "gentle" but I really do mean well. Here I am swinging Teah. I am always wanting Mommy to put her in here so I can push her. If Mom turns her head for a second though she may find Teah almost airborn. (Remember, we are still working on "gentle".) One thing for certain: Teah will be one tough cookie.
Here I am trying so hard to refrain.

As Mom mentioned earlier, I am constantly needing to know where Teah is. This is me right after bath. No time to dry off, I have sisterly duties to fulfill.

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Cade and Cora said...

so cute! teah will be one tough cookie, the second one with a headstrong big sis/bro has no choice!