Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She's Here!!!

So, Mommy went into labor at about 1AM Friday morning, December 18th (After getting home from Zoo Lights...see pics below). Mommy and Daddy called Aunt Jay and she came over to stay with me until morning and then brought me to her house to play with Mason and Gavin. Because of the H1N1, I wasn't able to come to the hospital. So I didn't get to meet my new baby sister until Saturday evening when they got home. Check out the pictures below. Miss Teah Grace (pronounced Tia) was born at 10:20 AM December 18th. She was three weeks early but weighed a healthy 6lbs 12 oz and was 19 inches long.
Snug as a bug in a rug.

Here I am being introduced to my little sis for the first time. So far, Mommy has been so surprised at how well I've handled everything. I love to touch her and help when she cries. I even sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" (which definitely needs to be caught on camera) when she's upset. So far, so good. Mommy was so worried that I would feel replaced. We'll see if/when the novelty wears off.

Love my baby sis. (Don't mind the attire and hair. I spent the day at a Bob the Builder themed birthday party.)


Playing with my Strawberry Shortcake house...a gift from baby Teah.

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Cade and Cora said...

Teah is so precious! I love her. She's absolutely perfect. Tessa looks happy as a clam. So glad all is well and everyone is good. What a christmas gift! love ya!